Shadow Bear

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Shadow Bear

Cassie Edwards is an author known for one thing: Indian romances. You always know what you're getting when you pick up one of her books. Her latest in the Lakota series, "Shadow Bear," follows that script exactly.

Handsome young Lakota chief falls in love with a lovely white woman and takes her home to his teepee. This book also includes mild suspense in the form of a grassfire, a hidden map, and missing gold. I've read a few Cassie Edwards stories, and I found this one to be sub-par, even for this tired genre. It feels like the author didn't have enough plot to fill out a whole book, so she padded it with extensive Lakota vocabulary and an encyclopedia of information on ferrets, Native American religious practices, and hide-tanning techniques. The dialogue was ridiculously stilted, for example: "And what was that white man to you whom I saw you with?" I expected the heroine to reply, "Huh?" Shadow Bear and the white woman, Shiona, fell in love way too quickly, especially considering their different backgrounds.

With such a weak plot and no apparent romance, this is one Cassie Edwards book that should be left on the shelf.

Book Blurb for Shadow Bear

South Dakota 1850. Before he died from the Indian arrow that pierced his body while he was hunting gold outside Fort Chance, Shiona Bramlett's father, the colonel, revealed a shocking secret. Now, armed only with her father's map and her courage, she's determined to honor him-and to fulfill her own destiny.

After a fierce prairie fire, Shadow Bear, Chief of the Grey Owl Band of the Lakota tribe, is desperately looking for his missing brother Silent Arrow. His search leads him to a beautiful woman in desperate need of help. Shadow Bear loathes the white man-but he cannot help but protect her. With a passion that is undeniable, they must learn to put their mistrust aside and share their secrets before all is lost

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 2.00