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Although western historical romance novels are getting harder to find, it doesn't mean that the few still being published are the cream of the crop. "Nightsong" by Carolyn Davidson, for example, bores the reader into complacence with long descriptive passages and unending, repetitive dialogue.

An escaped convict breaks into Debra Nightsong's isolated farmhouse, and she lets him stay. Maybe just so she has someone to have long, boring conversations with? Of course they fall in love while he holds her prisoner in her own home, and of course he's innocent of the murder charges that sent him to prison. Her only apparent excuse for this lack of common sense is that she's only 19, and has lived as an outcast her entire life, separate from her mother's tribe and her father's white world. Neither character is particularly likeable, and the plot drags on. Even the late-chapter introduction of Debra's Indian half-brother cannot save this book from tedium.

Book Blurb for Nightsong

On the run and in search of a hideout, Tyler had come to the isolated farmhouse expecting to find an older lady in need of a helping hand. Instead he found Debra Nightsong, an independent young woman whose exotic beauty mesmerized him. He'd vowed not to take advantage of the situation he'd placed her in, but soon found himself regretting his words…. An outcast from her tribe, half-breed Debra Nightsong wanted nothing more than to be left alone to tend her farm—until she was ambushed by a mysterious stranger. Tyler said he meant her no harm, yet he unnerved her—especially with his presence in her bed. He claimed it was only to keep her from escaping him, but Debra had never expected to find pleasure in the feel of a man's strong body against hers….

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 2.00