Love's Strategy

Third in a Regency-era series, "Love's Strategy" follows Kurt and Valentine as they search for a woman to complete their family. They find Leah, a young widow with two children and a huge debt incurred by her gambler husband. Initially, they are looking for a woman only to legitimize their unusual relationship and provide children, but as they spend time with Leah, they both realize they could fall in love with her.

For Leah's part, she resists the idea of marrying without love, especially two men! But they treat her with kindness and respect, two things missing in her first marriage. Add to that the unwanted pressure her abusive brother-in-law is applying to get her to marry him, and Leah quickly warms to the idea of loving both Kurt and Valentine.

Though not a story for the traditionalist or the easily offended, "Love's Strategy" is a fine example of erotica in a historic setting. It's a little short at 97 pages (in PDF format), so the romantic side of the story doesn't have much time to develop, and some logistical concerns aren't addressed (What about her children? What about society?). This e-book is part of the "Brothers In Arms" series, but stands alone just fine, with few references to past stories.

Book Blurb for Love's Strategy

A Brothers in Arms story.

Valentine Westridge and Kurt Schillig are lovers, and have been since the Peninsular War when lonely young officer Valentine let himself be seduced by the equally lonely Kurt. Now they're back from the war and intent on beginning the future they dreamed of together, one that includes a quiet country estate, horses, dogs, children, and each other. Their plan, however, also requires a wife. At the suggestion of a mutual friend, Valentine and Kurt believe the financial security they can offer to impoverished widow Leah Marleston will help her accept the unusual sexual relationship they are suggesting.

Leah is at her wit's end, creditors having taken everything she owns to pay off her late husband's gambling debts. She must find a way to support herself and her two children, or be forced to marry her abusive and obsessive brother-in-law. In Valentine's and Kurt's arms, Leah discovers a passion she never knew existed. Brought together by necessity, bonded by desire, these three lonely people find themselves fighting against all odds for a love that was never part of their plans.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.00