Groom's Gift

Naughty Nuptials

What would you be willing to do if the man of your dreams was marrying someone else in just a few days? Break into his apartment wearing nothing but high heels and a strategically placed bow? That's what Libby is desperate enough to try in "Groom's Gift" a quick erotic romance by Beth Kery.

The groom-to-be, John, can't believe his good fortune when he comes home from his bachelor party to find a strange woman wearing a pink ribbon. He'd been harboring serious doubts about his fast approaching wedding, and his compatibility with his fianc‚e, so he doesn't pass on the opportunity to try some new things, sexually speaking.

The intimacy between these two virtual strangers is H-O-T. It's easy to believe that Libby could fall in love with John without ever having met him, learning so much about him via her occupational therapy patient, John's father. It's less plausible that John would be emotionally vested in Libby after only one night together, no matter how incredibly spicy and adventurous that night may be.

"Groom's Gift" shows two people exploring new territory with a bag of naughty toys, so steer clear if that's not your thing. Includes some light BDSM also.

Book Blurb for Groom's Gift

What do you get when you mix together a man about to make a big mistake in marrying the wrong woman, a woman who would do anything to convince him of it, and a bag of bachelor party sex toys? One night of steamy, phenomenal sex. But what about tomorrow?

Libby Taylor fell in love with sexy reporter John Waite through the unlikely media of the computer and his father's stories. Now Libby is determined to have him for just one night before he becomes a married man.

John was having doubts about going through with his wedding, but that didn't explain the high-voltage blast of pure lust that hit him when he walked into his bedroom and saw a woman wearing nothing but pink bows and stiletto heels. She told him that she'd been sent by his friends for one night of wild passion. John found he didn't have the interest or the will to turn down such an inspired gift.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.00