Montana Angel

This story started off with a wonderful level of conflict, girl falls for soldier, becomes pregnant and then before she can tell him, he’s called off to war. Only, let’s step back in time to the Civil War. The twists and turns kept my attention, but there was more tragedy than was necessary. Ms. Scott stayed true to the time period throughout, which was refreshing. This is a lovely, quick read just right for those moments when you just need a break and brief escape in your day.

Book Blurb for Montana Angel

When Justin Harbinger returns to claim his bride at the end of the Civil War, he finds her married to another man, and holding a baby in her arms.

When Amberson Hawley sees the man of her dreams stride back into her life, it is far,far too late. She’s married to another man. How can she face the man who’d once claimed her heart, and who is now a dire threat to her new way of life?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.00