Three Little Words

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Three Little Words

Three Little Words wasn't my favorite read, but I can definitely see why Susan Mallery's books are such a big hit! She definitely knows how to create beautiful settings to amazing romances. The main reason I think this story didn't work for me was that it wasn't just about Isabel and Ford. There were so many side characters with separate story's to tell I found it hard to remember who's book this was supposed to be.

Other than that I really fell for Ford, the super HOT bodyguard. He in my opinion stole the story. He was such a sweet and strong man. I do believe he was the perfect man for Isabel, even though their past is a bit messed up.

I think if I was going to read another book in the Fools Gold series I would have to start with the first book. Series that are set in small towns tend to have additional tidbits from previous couples in the earlier books, and I'd love to see their relationships bloom before I get to see glimpses of their HEA. For Fans of this series and author I'm sure this will be another hit for them, cause the story definitely wasn't lacking and the romance really did leave me with a warm and happy feeling. Which I sure is what draws readers to Ms. Mallery's books.

Isabel Beebe has never managed to find the perfect man for her. To the point where she starts to feel as if she has a cursed love life. But when her high school crush returns to Fools Gold she begins to feel like she is fourteen once again. Isabel might still find the Bodyguard hot, but she won't let his past choices change her opinion of him.

Ford has never forgotten who's letters helped him get through the toughest moments of his military career. But will his past prevent him from getting the one woman who has the ability to steal his breath away? Or will three little words open up Isabel's heart to more that she could ever have dreamed of?

Book Blurb for Three Little Words

Can first love turn into the real deal? Anything can happen in a sizzling new Fool's Gold story from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery. 

Isabel Beebe thinks she's cursed in the romance department. Her teenage crush, Ford Hendrix, ignored all her letters. Her husband left her for another…man. So Isabel has come home to dust off her passion for fashion and run the family bridal shop until her parents are ready to sell it. Then she'll pursue her real dreams. At least, that's the plan, until sexy, charming Ford returns and leaves her feeling fourteen all over again….. 

Seeing Isabel all grown-up hits bodyguard trainer Ford like a sucker punch. Back when heartbreak made him join the military, her sweet letters kept him sane. Now he can't take his eyes—or his lips—off her. The man who gave up on love has a reason to stay in Fool's Gold forever—if three little words can convince Isabel to do the same.

If you're a fan of Fool's Gold, you'll love Ana Raquel and Greg's delicious romance, featured in Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold Cookbook, along with her favorite recipes from the land of happy endings.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.00