The Devil's in the Details

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The Devil's in the Details

"The Devil's in The Details" was a great fun read that made me laugh, and had me I scantly connecting with Jess. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of Succubi, but Jess was such an awesome character. I fell in love with her wit, complicated life and couldn't help but hope that she got her happy ending.

Though this book is paranormal, it is surprisingly normal as in an everyday life of a normal human. Well except that Jess is a Succubus and her mother is the queen of all evil, and that Cutter Owens wants her help in getting rid of mommy dearest/the devil. Secrets between characters can be a horrible thing in a book or it can be an amazing plot twist, and Ms. Raye managed to make the secrets work for her characters and her story. This was exactly the type of book I was looking for this summer, something fun, easy, and humorous. Not to mention I really enjoyed reading about Jess's struggle to admit she had feelings for Cutter. It made the story seem more real by being less perfect.

"The Devil's In The Details" was an amazing debut book for Kimberly Raye's new series and I absolutely cannot wait to see what hectic goings on happen in book two, "The Devil Made Me Do It".

Jess Damon is used to bad things happening, it's just what comes with being a Succubus and the daughter of the devil. But when demon hunter Cutter Ownes comes to her seeking help in taking out the devil for good, Jess starts to wonder what bond is stronger, love of a man or love between a mother and her daughter. While trying to save mommy dearest and keeping the truth of what she really is from Cutter she may end up loosing more than she ever thought possible.

Book Blurb for The Devil's in the Details

Jess Damon’s life is…complicated. Not only is she a man-eating succubus (albeit recently reformed), but she has the mother from hell—literally. Yep, Houston’s hottest wedding planner is the daughter of the devil. Though as far as her mother knows, Jess is only in the business to hook up with hunky groomsmen, not to find true love.

But when demon hunter Cutter Owens rolls into town, turning her back on her evil birthright proves harder than Jess thought. Cutter is out to take down the devil once and for all—and he wants Jess’s help to do it. There’s no denying Cutter is gorgeous, in that sexy “a demon stole my soul” sort of way. And, sure, Lillian Damon is the queen of evil. But she’s still Jess’s mom. Now Jess must outfox the world’s greatest demon hunter without revealing her true identity or—devil forbid!—falling in love. Sexy, funny, and fiendishly clever, this bewitching paranormal romance is one hell of a read.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50