Roses and Rodeo

Rough and Ready

Western romance is a favorite of mine and when I think of this genre I think of rodeo's, buckle bunnies, bull riding, love, fun times and of course great sex. Roses and Rodeo fit into every single thing mentioned! I absolutely loved Cheyenne McCray's characters, Danica and Creed. Danica isn't looking for a relationship but can't help falling for the charms of Creed McBride. Ms. McCray's Rough and Ready series has many things in common with another of my favorite authors, Lorelei James. These two authors have such an amazing way of telling a story, and drawing the reader into the world of the characters. I really enjoyed reading a character that disliked men who ride bulls because of the risk factor. This added a bit of depth to the story and the characters for me, because seeing the ones you love get hurt is something every woman fears. Though this is not the first book in the series it is easy to follow and can definitely be read as a standalone.

With things changing in Danica Cameron's life she is not looking for a committed relationship, let alone an uncommitted one with bull rider. But when Creed McBride saunters into her life she can't help but fall for the real man behind the facade. Not many things surprise Creed McBride but the second he spots a stunningly beautiful face in the crowd he is at a loss for words. The idea of love is so far out of their reach that when something sparks between them they will have to fight to keep what feels right.

Book Blurb for Roses and Rodeo

When Danica Cameron meets Creed McBride, the last thing she wants to do is get involved with a bull rider. Men who willingly put themselves in that kind of danger aren’t for her. It didn’t matter that he was mouthwateringly hot and she was more than attracted to him.

Creed wants Danica from the moment he spots her after a bull riding event. She’s beautiful, sexy, and intelligent. Her attempts at putting him off only make him want her more.

Danica finds she can’t resist Creed’s cowboy charm and soon she finds herself falling for him. That is until something so emotionally devastating happens that she knows she can never trust him again.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00