Night After Night...

Forbidden Fantasies - Harlequin Blaze, #679

“Night After Night” is a military/handicapped Harlequin Blaze romance. Let me just say, the description says it all. Lt. Jason White has amnesia and Christy Baker has some kind of genetic disability that affects her joints. When they are both sent to Hawaii things really heat up. Not only are they sharing X-rated dreams but they're also sharing a duplex that is connected via the kitchen.

Christy doesn’t realize that she is sharing a kitchen with the man of her dreams, literally. As she’s doing her usual morning routine she bumps into Jason. Consequently she drops her towel and her bowl of cereal. This, of course, starts the interesting part of Kathy Lyons “Night After Night.”

The only time Christy isn’t in pain is when she shares dreams with Jason, but unfortunately it isn’t as relaxing for Jason. He is forced to relive getting blown up by an IED while dreaming with Christy. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of sex-ilicious dreams and kinky sex scenes in the waking hours as well!

I found that the relationship between Christy and Jason is one of special circumstances. The shared dreams bring the two of them together, and once they get closer things really get interesting. The fact is Christy is trying to help Jason get his memory back, but once he remembers what’s missing he will get shipped off to the other side of the world. Eventually this causes some serious emotional restrictions between the two of them. This story has the typical on, then off, then on again relationship between the main characters. Surprisingly enough, Ms. Lyons does a wonderful job in keeping the reader interested during the off times.

One negative thing I have to say about this book is that when I was reading it, I found myself thinking, “Come on just get your memory back already!” All of the tension you get from Jason in this book gets a little repetitive. Other than that I found this book to be a fun and quick read. I must say it would be the perfect summer time book.

So if you enjoy reading books with Alpha males then “Night After Night” is definitely a book for you! This book comes with some seriously kinky and steamy sex scenes and a very modern happy ending!

You’ve been warned,

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Book Blurb for Night After Night...

He's the man of her X-rated dreams…

Schoolteacher Christy Baker has just had a naughty dream. A hot, intense and fantastically sexy dream. The next morning, however, Christy learns that the delish stranger in her hot little nighttime romp isn't some random guy—he's her neighbor!

Lt. Jason White has been enjoying naughty dreams, too. In fact, they're the exact same ones. Somehow, he and Christy are having mind-bendingly hot sex while they sleep! But dreams are mirrors into the soul—and Jason fears the mysterious bond he shares with a woman he hardly knows…no matter what the chemistry.

The only solution? To break the connection for good…by turning those haunting dreams into mind-blowing reality!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50