Male Order

"Male Order" was a very heated short erotic story that was very enjoyable! I felt connected to Angela and Bastien, but I would have liked a little more foreplay. Other than this one wish for the story I had a great time reading this erotic novella. The idea of Angela starting something with her smokin' hot mailman for the knowledge of experience with this particular fantasy so she could write about it in her erotic book was awesome! There's nothing more real than acting out a sex scene with a hunk of a mailman. If you are looking for a fast read with great sexual relations than "Male Order" is definitely a book for you!

Dealing with the loss of her ex-husband leaving her for a younger woman has wreaked havoc on Angela's muse. Trying to write a romance novel when she is dealing with the hurt of the ultimate rejection just isn't working. That is until Bastien, Angela's new mailman delivers more than just a long awaited package.

Will one heated afternoon lead to new discoveries and possibly new relationships? If so is Angela reading welcome a new man into her life? Only time will tell.

Book Blurb for Male Order

Angela West is a romance author whose muse has flown the coop since her ex-husband left her for a younger woman. She forgot about sex and lust, until a new man started delivering her mail.Bastien, a mocha-skinned god with a Cajun accent, is the new mail carrier, and his smoldering looks promise more than politeness--much, much more.Deciding to throw caution to the wind and not live vicariously through her characters, Angela seduces Bastien, but instead of a one-night fling she finds something more in his arms. Yet, Angela has been burned before and doesn’t know if she can let her heart be hurt again.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.50