Lost in Babylon

Seven Wonders, #2

The adventure continues in "Seven Wonders: Lost In Babylon" by Peter Lerangis. Let me start off by saying this is book two in a series and these books cannot be read out of order.

Now for my thoughts on this new installation in the Seven Wonders series. I didn't like this book as much as I would have expected. It might have had something to do with Marco, one of the main characters, being incredibly annoying in this book. I mean from the very first page he was getting on my nerves. But other than that I found this book to be one heck of a wild adventure that anyone could love.

I found that with the turn of a the next page a new quest and mystery lay ahead for the young hero's of "Lost In Babylon". This made the book just fly by. Another aspect I really enjoyed was all of the puzzles that were incorporated into the story. Mr. Lerangis has created a series of novels that are very creative and unique to their genre, and any young reader would love the stories he has to tell.

This book picks up right where book 1 left off. The set of friends are once again let loose into the world to find the next wonder and Loculus. I have to admit I was constantly surprised by plot twists within this book. So many new things were discovered in this sequel and I'm once again left eagerly awaiting the next book!

After returning to the KI the disappearance of Marco and the first Loculus is weighing heavenly on the shoulders of Jack and his friends. But there is little time to wallow in sadness for what they've lost. Their lives depend on finding all seven Loculi, so Jack, Cass, and Aly set out on the next leg of the quest.

With only a couple clues to follow, the heroic band of friends set out to find a whole new wonder, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Only through friendship and trust will this group be able to find the next Loculus. Be sure to join the adventure to see what happens to these brave kids next!

Book Blurb for Lost in Babylon

Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones in the New York Times bestselling epic adventure Seven Wonders! Lost in Babylon is the second book in a seven-book series, chronicling the adventures of Jack McKinley and his race to find the Loculi that have been hidden in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In Lost in Babylon, Jack travels to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, where he discovers a world out of time and is faced with a dilemma unlike any he'd ever imagined.

Age Range: 8 - 12 years / Grade Level: 3 - 7

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50