Immortal Surrender

The Curse of the Templars, #2

"Immortal Surrender" was a little slow to start relationship wise, but other than that this book was an amazing continuation of “The Curse of the Templar’s” series. This is the ultimate paranormal romance; its got demon’s, knights, angels, and predestined soul mates. Each of the Knights is being affected by the darkness that consumes their souls. Farran’s darkness is causing him to be bitter and angry all the time, but when Noelle comes around Farren finds himself laughing once again. There were a few things that I didn’t quite fully understand because I hadn’t read the first book “Immortal Hope” but in no way did it affect the quality of this book. I had great pleasure in reading this book, and I found Farran and Noelle to be an incredibly amazing couple. They have a few rocky patches but all in all they make a great example of a real relationship. Claire Ashgrove has a true talent for writing, at times I found myself comparing “Immortal Surrender” to some of my favorite books. Farren and Noelle’s story flowed nicely, and kept me gripping the pages eagerly waiting to see what happened next.

There is darkness each Templar Knight knows and feels. It is the overwhelming feeling of dread and the inkling feeling that their souls are withering away. Farran de Clare is one of the Knights and he is counting the days until his likely demise. He knows the darkness is consuming his heart and soul and is prepared to do anything for his fellow knights. The one thing he doesn’t see coming is the appearance of his Seraph or predestined mate. Noelle doesn’t believe in anything magical, she believes in what she can see and understand. But when Farren opens the door to a hidden society she can’t believe her eyes. Noelle is the only one who can heal Farran’s heart but will either of them be willing to let their feelings get the best of them?

Book Blurb for Immortal Surrender

Farran de Clare, loyal member of the cursed Knights Templar, wants nothing to do with predestined mates. Even the Almighty won’t turn him into a fool again—he’d rather sacrifice his soul. Yet in the scientist Noelle Keane, a devout atheist, Farran meets the seraph designed for him.

Ordered by the archangel Gabriel to protect Noelle, the possessor of a sacred relic that could give Azazel incredible power, Farran swears to do his duty—but in name only. Fighting an attraction that grows with each day, he’s determined that he’ll never pledge himself to her.

As they war over her future, their mutual passion ignites a conflict far more damning. But before Noelle will agree to eternity with him, she demands the ultimate sacrifice – his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50