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Souls of Fire, #1

"Fireborn" by Keri Arthur wasn't what I was expecting. The first half of the book was super slow, and I hate to say this about my favorite author, but the story just seemed dry and lacking the adventure I was seeking in this new series.

I really did enjoy Emberly's character and the myths/ideas behind her as a Phoenix, along with all of the other unique paranormal creatures and beings. Those things really held up to the typical Keri Arthur style of creating amazing and compelling creatures and people.

But overall I wasn't impressed with this book, and I probably would not continue with the rest of the series. I believe this book just wasn't my style, and that it would definitely be more appealing to other readers.

Emberly is dedicated to helping anyone who is featured in her visions, which usually show their deaths. But when she sees the death of a lover one night, she can't help but put everything on the line to save his life. This leads her Into a huge plot of secrets and unknown diseases, and makes her one of the most crucial witnesses for said former lover Sam's Paranormal Investigations Team. Only the truth will save Emberly and maybe even the world as she knows it.

Book Blurb for Fireborn

From New York Times bestselling author Keri Arthur comes a brand-new series featuring heroine Emberly Pearson?a phoenix capable of taking on human form and cursed with the ability to foresee death....

Emberly has spent a good number of her many lives trying to save humans. So when her prophetic dreams reveal the death of Sam, a man she once loved, she does everything in her power to prevent it from happening. But in saving his life, she gets more than she bargained for.

Sam is working undercover for the Paranormal Investigations Team, and those who are trying to murder him are actually humans infected by a plaguelike virus, the Crimson Death?a by-product of a failed government experiment intended to identify the enzymes that make vampires immortal. Now all those infected must be eliminated.

But when Emberly’s boss is murdered and his irreplaceable research stolen, she needs to find the guilty party before she goes down in flames....

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 2.50