Embrace Your Magnificence

Get Out of Your Own Way and Live a Richer, Fuller, More Abundant Life

Embrace Your Magnificence is a sweet, sweet book. It’s written as a sort of instruction manual or open letter to her daughter and that’s just what it feels like. The tone of the writing is kind and loving, but straightforward. Imagine if you had a fairytale mother who wanted to show you the ropes, but wasn’t afraid to point out some potholes along the way too. Fabienne has condensed the lessons of her own life into this uplifting reminder that we, too, are worthy and important. It would make a great gift to a young woman in your life but will also speak to your own inner child.

The book is organized into chapters and “sub-lessons”. I found that the lessons in each chapter didn’t always go together and some of the categories felt forced. This is the kind of book that is best read by flipping open to a random section and taking in that wisdom for the moment. It’s not the kind of book you read cover to cover and it doesn’t flow naturally that way. If you keep that in mind, you’ll have a much better experience with the book. Working with one lesson at a time, in this way, allows you to get the most from each nugget of wisdom presented.

If you feel like you could use a confidence boost; if you are looking for more abundance or love in your life, or if you have some painful events in your past, this may be just the balm you need. Nearly 70 short lessons cover subjects like: “the truth about you”, “integrity changes your life”, “you’re not their healer”, “the signs are everywhere”, and “live life like you mean it”. When you truly embrace your magnificence you move that much closer to the life you desire.

Book Blurb for Embrace Your Magnificence

What started as a love letter to her young daughter has become Fabienne Fredrickson’s message to women everywhere: “You are a magnificent being, truly deserving of a full and abundant life.”

In Embrace Your Magnificence, Fabienne lays out a course in self-esteem. She shows that when you realize how great you truly are, you free yourself to confidently shift your life. When you see how glorious and brave you are, you gather the courage to break out of your shell, stop playing small, and step into your potential. When you honor, love, and value yourself, you accept all the abundance the universe has in store for you. 

By living the principles within these 72 inspiring lessons, Fabienne has created an extraordinary life for herself and her family. Her advice—which comes from real-world experiences in both her personal life and her work with clients—is universally beneficial and can be applied in anyone’s life. With love, appreciation, and compassion, Fabienne encourages you to move forward in your own journey, so you too can have a richer, fuller, more abundant life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 3.50