Cowboy Take Me Away

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Cowboy Take Me Away

A Rainbow Valley Novel: Book 1

First love really does burn hotter the second time around in Jane Grave debut book in her Rainbow Valley series. I have a special place In my heart for animals and the fact that Shannon North is the director of a shelter should tell you exactly where this book is sitting. Snugly in my heart! The characters were the kind to fully integrate into your brain as you are reading, and that leave you with an accomplished feeling as Shannon and Luke's story comes to an end.

Never before have I loved a bad boy as much as I loved Luke Dawson. He has had a rough go at life and just being able to witness his happily ever after has given me as a reader such incredible joy! I fully recommend this book to any Contemporary romance fan! Fans of Jill Shalvis's Lucky Harbor series are sure to LOVE the first Rainbow Valley Novel "Cowboy Take Me Away"!

Luke Dawson has returned to Rainbow Valley for one thing only, to burry his father. The fact that his father has managed to bring his life to a grinding halt once again, just proves that his feelings towards a less than perfect father figure were right all this time. But as he has learned before what his father wants, his father gets. Even In Death.

As Luke prepares to speed out of town a second chance at something once forgotten brings him to believe that maybe there is more to this visit than he once imagined.

Shannon North has all the love and companionship she needs. She has always been a safe haven for abandoned animals. But with her accounts growing tighter and tighter she begins to worry wether she will be able to continue the much needed care for these helpless animals. That is until a Tall, Dark and Handsome man comes to town promising her a "cure all" for her problems. Shannon is fully aware of what is at stake but will she be willing to risk it all for the one man that makes her heart beat twice as fast?

Book Blurb for Cowboy Take Me Away


Rainbow Valley, Texas, has always been a refuge for animals, and Shannon North, director of the local shelter, intends to keep it that way. But with donations drying up and more pets in need of a loving home than ever before, Shannon's beginning to fear she's not the savior the shelter needs. When a tall, dark, and handsome cowboy from her past comes to the rescue, she knows that accepting his help may come with a high price: her heart.


Bad boy Luke Dawson shook the dust from this little town off his boots years ago. He walked away from everything . . . except the memory of the one night of passion he shared with Shannon. Now, a few wins away from becoming the world bull-riding champion, Luke's headed for fame and fortune. But then a crisis calls him back to Rainbow Valley, and Luke is reunited with the good girl who stole-and broke-his heart. As their rekindled relationship deepens into desire, old secrets resurface, and Luke must choose between the future he's always dreamed of and the only woman he's ever loved.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 5.00