Be Mine Forever

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Be Mine Forever

A St. Helena Vineyard Novel, #4

I've always been a huge fan of Marina Adair and I can honestly say that I absolutely LOVED "Be Mine Forever". I loved returning to Napa Valley wine country in this book. Trey is the unsettled DeLuca brother and I really enjoyed seeing this flighty man realizing maybe running for his whole life may not be exactly what he wants. Sara and her six year old boy were so very cute, and the ultimate weakness to man with a heart like Trey's. Ms. Adair has a way of writing a heartfelt and cozy but sexy romance that is sure to steal any readers heart.

This is the perfect story for the valentine holidays and any other time of year. I love all of the DeLuca brothers and seeing Trey find his HEA( Happily Ever After) was just spectacular! And as usual I am left eagerly wishing for more stories from the St. Helena Vineyard series. I would recommend this series to any romance fans. Especially fans who love strong alpha males falling to their knees for a special woman and her kid. I mean what's better than seeing an alpha male falling in love with a woman that has the power to make or break his heart?!?

Trey DeLuca, the ultimate playboy and commitment-phobe has retuned to his hometown for a month. And spotting Sara Reed the beautiful widowed dance instructor has given Trey hope of getting through the torturous month. But his flirting isn't had quite the desired affect he anticipated.

Sara know what type of man Trey is and she also knows that her life and her son don't need his unruly ways ruining everything she's built. But the passion that has ignited between her and Trey is impossible to ignore. As things get more serious between the two of them Trey and Sara will have to decide if the other is worth giving up past ways of thought. Will the passion lead to something more or will it fizzle out at the sight of commitment?

Book Blurb for Be Mine Forever

For Trey DeLuca, the idea of settling down was entirely unsettling. As VP of sales for his family’s wine company, he’s never in any one city—or with any one woman—for long, which is how he likes it. But when family obligations keep him temporarily grounded in his hometown, he finds the perfect distraction. She’s sweet, gorgeous, and sexy as hell…only her life screams commitment.

Between raising her son and struggling to keep her dance school afloat, Sara Reed has her hands full. Dance students she needs—a steamy tangled sheets cha-cha with a self-admitted commitment-phobe? Not going to happen. But sparks fly as the town prepares for a big Valentine’s Day gala, and Trey strikes a deal with Sara…he’ll “manny-up” and watch her son in exchange for ballroom lessons.

With love quickstepping ever closer, Sara needs to teach this playboy some new steps or risk losing him—and her heart—forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00