Baby Got Back

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Baby Got Back

Anal Erotica

"Baby Got Back" is a book dedicated to anal erotica, and I absolutely loved it! The range in experienced to inexperienced was a truly unexpected pleasure for me. I honestly couldn't say which type of story I loved more. "Her Kingdom For Her Ass" was one of my favorites mainly for how unique it was. Princess Bianca and Prince Reece truly new how to make the best of their back door experience.

Another story I fully enjoyed was "Delivery" because it wasn't just focused on the sexual element. This story had a bit of build up before it got down to the nitty gritty. My only wish for this collection of Anal Erotica is that it had lasted longer. I flew through these stories and I now have a greater urge to read more erotica with anal experimentation.

Rachel Kramer Bussel once again outdid herself with this collection of sexually enhanced anal encounters. And I applaud her for putting all of these spectacular stories together.

The collected stories of "Baby Got Back" have been put into one book for you, the reader to get the most enjoyment out of in as many sittings as you'd like. The range of stories will have the experienced and inexperienced anal erotica reader jumping for joy. Once you open up the page of this book there will be no going back!

Book Blurb for Baby Got Back

Baby Got Back is a stimulating set of page-turning stories of anal fun. Rachel Kramer Bussel has edited some of the bestselling erotica books in the business and this is her first book devoted to all manner of backdoor pleasures. These daring and, dare we say, cheeky sex stories have a lot of variety. plenty of excitement and offer much erotic inspiration.

Whether you love anal sex or have never tried it, Baby Got Back, edited by award-winning author and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, offers a peek at what happens when men and women check their inhibitions at the door. You'll find bend over boyfriends, butt plugs, "A Taste of Jamaica" and "Body Heat." In "Rectified," when Lela gets bored with every sex position out there, Brad arrives to teach her about one she learns is everything she'd hoped for and more. In "Delivery," Lynn takes a break from a Vegas bachelorette party so Wesley can show her a very good time. Whether exploring a new side of backdoor pleasure or affirming their passion for this sometimes taboo activity, the characters in this book savor every moment.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00