The Last Three Words

When a father loses his wife he is left to deal with parenthood on his own. It isn't long before Maye, his oldest daughter catches on to his vices. Seeking solace in her school crush, Christian, life goes on. When Maye has a tragic accident of her own her younger sister Rowe is left to discover her father's vices for herself. It isn't until a fight at school prompts her to run away that she finds out this when her father needs her the most.

It is most unfortunate that this is a short story. I feel as though the characters have more to tell than what the author writes. This story was awkward to follow due to the story being told from the three main characters points of view. The father is the least mentioned in the story and I feel he had the most to tell. It would be nice to get better acquainted with his character as well as Rowe.

Overall the story was okay, but it definitely lacks in areas. Maybe I'm just not used to short stories. I was unaware that this story was going to be so short.

Book Blurb for The Last Three Words

Seventeen-year-old Christian Marx never belonged anywhere but with his best friend Maye. Life with her beats the hell out of the dingy apartment he shares with his neglectful mother. Mom may be blood, but Maye and her little sister Rowe are family. Life would be perfect if only Maye loved him the way he loved her.

Last night, she did. Today, she's dead—a tragic accident no one could have predicted.

With Maye gone, it's up to those she left behind to figure out how to move on. Only one person can drag Christian away from the ledge. Only one person can save Maye's little sister from making a huge mistake.

Sometimes the only way to un-break yourself is to fix someone else.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00