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Still Photo

This proved to be a good read and I was able to finish the book in one sitting. It definitely kept me interested and engaged. There are many twists and turns that come in at the exact moment you needed them to without giving away too much at once. Still Photo is a teen romance and a murder mystery with a divine ending. A must read for those readers who enjoy short teen romances. I will be looking for more Kim Harnes books in the future and I’m glad I came across this one.

Jess Waterford's life is perfect now that her mother is no longer a part of it. The secret abuse comes to an end when her mother vanishes without a trace. A passion for photography leads to a hidden picture that will bring out the truth. Will it prove to be too much for Jess to handle?

Book Blurb for Still Photo

Jess Waterford’s mother is evil. Since she took off seven years ago—just days after Jess’s ninth birthday—without so much as a wave goodbye, Jess has always wondered what happened to her. And despite the end of her mother’s mental and physical abuse, the memories and the scars still remain. Jess conceals the hurt within by practicing her photography, and by spending as much time as her dad will allow with her baseball star boyfriend, Brody Campbell.

Determined to make use of her new camera, Jess dives into photographing everything in sight. But periodically the resulting prints are flawed, ever so slightly: a smudge on a tree trunk; a blemish in the bus window. These imperfections are not as random as they may seem, however, and Brody and Jess soon discover together that each of these pictures combine to form another image—the grisly image of a murder scene, with Jess’s mother as the victim.

As the new photograph takes shape, Jess’s desire to complete it consumes her, and Brody’s health begins to deteriorate. Torn between her quest to reveal her mother’s killer and her continued worry over Brody’s failing health, Jess finally finds the last piece to the puzzle, and the answer sends her world spiraling into depths from which she may never recover.

14+ for violence, sexuality, and adult situations

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00