Tempting Josie

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Tempting Josie

TEMPTING JOSIE is one of those books I actually expected to love more than I did. Ever since the ninth grade, I've had a thing for international art thieves, so when the topic came up in the synopsis of TEMPTING JOSIE, I had to check it out.

The plot itself was well written and quite entertaining, but the characters were a huge turn off. Miguel was my biggest pet peeve. His complete focus on retrieving the stolen art piece is notable, except for the unsavory way he treats the people around him. It's like he has no emotion towards his family, unless they have connections that can help solve a case. And don't get me started on how terribly he treats Josie!

With all TEMPTING JOSIE's faults, nothing was more disappointing than the ending. What Josie and Miguel lack in communication, they make up for in really great sex, but sex doesn't make a relationship. With the thousands of problems they have as a couple, I'm beyond shocked that the author didn't attempt to give us some kind of closure, or at least address the issues. The lack of closer left me unsatisfied.

All-in-all, it's quite obvious I did not enjoy this story. While I didn't hate it, it wasn't even close to a favorite read.

Readers of romantic suspense and/or contemporary romance might appreciate TEMPTING JOSIE, but I did not.

Book Blurb for Tempting Josie

Josie Manheim never expected to reunite with her sinfully gorgeous high school ex on a blind date. But one look at him has her remembering their sexy exploits and wanting more. He's changed, though, become darker and more mysterious than in the old days. Each encounter ratchets the intensity of their connection...and begs the question of who he's become.

Miguel Barrino, now an undercover FBI agent, has trailed a priceless piece of stolen art to his former home town. His artist ex holds the key to solving his case. Can he keep the truth from Josie and still heat things up with her under the covers? With criminals on the loose, falling in love could lead to more than hearts in danger.

WARNING: This book contains secrets, a small town, and sexytimes.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.00