Played by the Billionaire

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Played by the Billionaire

A Guide to Love Novel, #1

Liam Manning, CEO and Chairman of IWC Security, promised to finish the manuscript his sickly brother was working on before he died by finding a woman to teach him about falling in love and writing about it. So he hands the reins of his billion dollar company over to a trusted employee and gets down to business by cracking into a dating site to find a lady to deceive into falling in love with him. What happens when he finds himself slowly but surely falling in love with a lady he’s been lying to the whole time they’ve been together?

PLAYED BY THE BILLIONAIRE sucked me in and didn’t spit me out until the characters received their well-deserved happily-ever-afters. It was completely predictable at times, but who cares? I enjoyed myself immensely and sometimes a girl needs a fluffy, feel good novel that will tide her over until the next emotional, deeply moving book journeys along and gives her a book high.

Liam begins this adventure by hacking into a dating site’s database and picking out a girl to manipulate into falling in love. He’s so turned off by commitment he doesn’t even seem to care about who he hurts in the process by lying and deceiving his way into their life. At first I thought this really selfish of him, but as the story moves on it becomes clear he’s got obvious mommy issues, and thinks that nobody can love him for him.

Lorelei Tores is Liam’s pick for the perfect “girlfriend.” All she wants in life is to meet the right man and raise a big family. Her mother raised her alone while her father was behind bars, which made Lorelei yearn for an honest, law-abiding man to live happily-ever-after with…perfect choice for a man who can and will hack into any database in the world to get what he wants, right? It was downright amusing --and awe inspiring-- to watch Lorelei learn that breaking the rules occasionally does not make you a bad person, and that you definitely do not get to choose who you fall in love with.

All-in-all, Alexia Adams might not be the next Shakespeare, but she writes an entertaining story! I recommend this story for anybody looking for a light romance to snack on.

Book Blurb for Played by the Billionaire

Internet security guru, Liam Manning made a death-bed promise to complete his beloved brother’s manuscript. That means stepping down from running his billion-dollar empire and finding a woman to teach him about romance, regular-guy style. So, falling back on his hacking skills, he infiltrates an online dating site to find a suitable love tutor.

Lorelei Torres was raised by her hard-working mother because her loser father is behind bars. All she wants is an honest man to love and with whom she can raise a large, happy family. Relocating to San Francisco after her last boyfriend turns out to be a lying snake, her mother signs her up with an online dating agency. Maybe it’s time an impartial computer chose a man for her.

Can Liam finish the novel before Lorelei discovers his deceptions and, more critically, before she breaches the firewall around his heart?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00