Sex Ed

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Sex Ed

This was my first read from Lilac James and it has potential. The characters are likable and I felt a little connection. It wasnt bad for a short read but I think that if it was a little longer it might have been even better. And maybe just a little more spice and heat would be great too.

Book Blurb for Sex Ed

Edwin Rockwell is a mild-mannered admin by day. At night, he morphs into a steamy dom known to enthusiastic BDSM clubbers as Sex Ed. He’s got it made, with a perfect present and plans for a perfect future that will see him opening his practice as a sex therapist while keeping up the club scene.

Enter Angelina Harris, his high school sweetheart, the girl who got away. After he went into the Navy the day after a bitter fight, he never heard from her again. Ten years down the road, he learns she had his baby and never told him. The story just keeps getting worse when he learns her parents forced her to give the baby up. And even worse when Angie wants revenge, not High School Hotties, Part Two. Her plan is to almost-seduce him and walk out, leaving him hot, bothered, alone, and suffering as she did years ago.

The best-laid plans oft go awry, and Angie falls into his sexual trap. She’s surprised by the kink he brings to the affair, and shocked that she likes it. She’s not sure she can accept Ed as he is now, but she's even less sure she could walk away.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 3.50