The Real Werewives of Alaska Book 5

Molly is a romance writer who has joined the cast of The Real Werewives of Alaska hoping to find not just inspiration for her books but to find a happily ever after that she doesn't really believes exists. Graham Chase is the wide receiver for the Alaskan Bloodhounds football team, an all shifter team. He's a lynx shifter and he doesn't believe he'll ever find his forever mate, but when the man and inner animal meet Molly, Graham knows that she's the one he's been waiting for. Trouble is, Molly has had her heart broken before. Both of them have to figure it out because Molly is in danger of being eliminated from the show but Graham isn't about to let her go, show or no show.

I loved, LOVED this book by Kristen Strassel. Her Real Werewives of Alaska books have a great balance of strong storylines, sexy love scenes, humor and heroines that the reader can relate to. "Wildcat" is definitely a wild read. This is a must read book and series.

Book Blurb for Wildcat

A Shifter Sports Romance

The Alaska Bloodhounds are the newest team in the Continental Football Association. These wild shifters are rough and ready for the season.

They only need one thing: women.

Do you have what it takes to be a Real Werewife?

In this episode--

Romance author Molly Clarke has a huge problem on her hands. After her latest relationship came to an unexpected and disastrous end, she doesn’t believe in love anymore. It’s put a damper on her dating life and has her career in a chokehold. Answering the open call for The Real Werewives of Alaska is just the thing she needs to spark inspiration for her next book.

But she’s skeptical she’ll find a forever mate for herself.

Lynx shifter Graham Chase is not a pack animal. After years of looking out for himself, this wide receiver’s getting his first taste of success with the Alaska Bloodhounds. But he has a reputation with the Werewives as a major player. And he’ll be kicked off the show soon if he doesn’t start taking finding a forever mate seriously.

When Molly approaches Graham at a party, he’s ready to up his game. And when he picks up one of her books, he knows she’s his mate.

Can this player convince the romance author that happily ever after doesn’t only happen in her books?

These sports shifter romances can be read as standalones—but like with any reality show, they’re best when binged!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.50