Happy Evil After Book 1

Heroes aren't the only ones that need a Happily Ever After; villains do too and Sarah Marsh's "Viktor" from her Happy Evil After Series is a great read. It's sweet, sexy, has a great plot, and even some laughs. This sweet and sexy read has a whimsical goth fairy named Pandora, who is determined to give the less desirables of the paranormal crowd a 'happily ever after'. So she starts with Viktor. Viktor is the boogie man of their kind; a vampire with a monstrous reputation. Viktor is just merely misunderstood in Pandora's opinion and his perfect match is a feisty leopard shifter named Halle. Halle has no desire in mating a psycho vampire named Conrad, but to keep her family safe and fulfill her father's blood debt she is set to mate him whether she wants to or not. Pandora knows that Viktor and Halle are meant for one another, all she has to do is convince Viktor by convincing Halle.

"Viktor" is a great read. I highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Viktor

Pandora is a Fairy Godmother who’s never fit in with her own people. Still, she has the power—and the attitude—to step in and help those who others have decided “aren’t worthy” of a happy ending. How hard could it be to manipulate some of the most feared beings in their world?

Viktor has spent his entire undead life being the bogeyman to the paranormal community, and that’s the way he wants to keep it … with everyone else far away from him. But when the opportunity arises to take his revenge on his nemesis, he can’t resist—even if it means risking his reputation and rescuing the damsel in distress.

Halle never expected to find herself in need of a savior, especially one with a reputation like Viktor’s. But she’s used to listening to her instincts, and her cat trusts the strange woman who pops up and claims to have some solutions. After all, if a girl can’t trust her own Fairy Godmother, then what is this world coming to?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00