Toxic Desire

Planet of Desire, #1

Nem is a human who is traveling through space with her crew when she is attacked by an alien species thought to be extinct. Oten is a seasoned warrior and he's determined to annihilate every human aboard the ship. However, when he and General Nem end up stranded on a planet where the very air they breathe causes an erotic compulsion to have sex plus the fact Nem is not male but a beautiful female, things get more than interesting. Oten is determined to not touch her let alone allow himself to fall for her and Nem feels the same way about him. This romance is a battle for more than survival; it's a battle to not involve their bodies or hearts.

I liked the story. I wanted to love it but I kept feeling like something was missing. The author gave great graphic descriptions of the surrounding and the chemistry, pardon the pun, between Nem and Oten. That was all great. But I did feel the story needed to be stronger. I enjoy erotic romance but I felt like there wasn't an equal balance of story vs. sex. However, "Toxic Desire" was a good read and I did like it. I do recommend it.

Book Blurb for Toxic Desire

Nemona can’t believe she’s crash landed on the planet Fyrian with the brooding, golden-skinned alien who destroyed her ship and scattered her crew. She should want to kill him. But everything on Fyrian is an aphrodisiac. So she just wants to have him. Now.

Revenge. That’s all commander Oten has wanted against humans for more than a century, ever since they tried to destroy his kind. He never thought he’d end up in bed with one. But the desire the sex planet stokes for this human female is eating him alive. Keeping his hands, his mouth, and his vampiric fangs to himself proves impossible—especially when she’s begging him to touch her.

Nemona has no idea what endless sex with a Ssedez will do to her. But Oten knows all too well. They need to get off this planet. Before their coupling stirs an alien mating bond that neither of their hearts can withstand.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 3.50