The Vixen and the Wolf

The Coldwater Pack Book 1

Tessa hates crowds and is pretty much an introvert until one night a break in happens at her job and her entire life changes.

Henri is the Alpha of his pack and when he rescues the sweet little human next door, he doesn't expect it to go any further than that, but he finds that there's much more involved especially his heart.

"The Vixen and the Wolf" is a sweet short story. I wish it had been longer but the story was interesting, the main characters had great chemistry, and the love scenes were steamy. It was more of a novella than an actual novel.

Book Blurb for The Vixen and the Wolf

Tessa Carey doesn’t want to work at the Golden Goose. With a deep fear of crowds and people she’d rather stay at home, but bills need to be paid and how much trouble can she get into as a night cleaner?

Henri Tull is the Alpha for the Coldwater Pack. All he wants is to keep his family safe and working legitimate jobs is the way to do that. Then he meets Tessa. At first, she’s a voice on the other side of a radio. Until someone breaks into the Golden Goose and Henri runs to rescue her.

In one night Tessa’s life is changed beyond recognition. The world is a much scarier place than she thought—will she be able to have a future with Henri or will her fears take control?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00