Stone Cursed

Highland Gargoyles Book 6

This Gargoyle Shifter Romance is more than just your run of the mill romance novel. Lisa Carisle has written a strong story with main characters that the reader will fall in love with and root for.

While on a flight, Alec, a gargoyle shifter, spots a witch and a wizard. Fearing they are up to no good he flies in and watches. The young witch is beautiful and after he's nearly imprisoned in stone by the wizard, he finds that Veta is an innocent and is a white witch. He finds he's falling for just as much as she is falling for him but there are two problems: His clan has an ongoing feud with the wood witches of the Isle of Stone and Kai, the evil wizard, is relentless in his pursuit of Veta and to enact vengeance on Alec for taking her away from him.

"Stone Cursed: Taurus, Zodiac Shifters Highland Gargoyles Book 6" is a sexy read with a built in adventure ride of a story that is well worth a reader's time. Lisa Carlisle is a talented author who transports the reader into her magical world and sets it against the beauty of the Scottish Highlands that she describes with as much passion as her heroes and heroines share.

Book Blurb for Stone Cursed

Locked in stone.

On his night off from sentry duty, gargoyle shifter Alec heads out for a night flight. When he spots a strange green light, he soars closer to investigate.

And is caught by Medusa's curse...

Veda has had doubts about Kai since they left their coven to seek ley lines in the Scottish Highlands. When he resorts to dark magic to capture a gargoyle, she's forced to act. How can she free the gargoyle from his stone prison without invoking Kai's notorious wrath?

Stone Cursed is a standalone novella in the Highland Gargoyles series.

If you're a fan of the Zodiac Shifter novels, you'll love meeting this Taurus shifter who is as sensual as he is stubborn.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.50