Underground Encounters, #1

Lisa Carlisle's "Smolder" from her Underground Encounters Series, was a great kick-off to what is going to be a great series...if all the other ones are as good as "Smolder".

Nike is a female firefighter during the day and when she's not at work, she's letting her inner Goth out to play. For awhile now she's had her eye on a sexy mystery guy that she'd only seen at the gym and now he's at her favorite Goth club.

Michel is a vampire and a successful businessman. For a long time he's been watching Nike. She draws him in ways he cannot understand. The moment he finally has her, trouble erupts when his nemesis comes to collect a debt of revenge. Michel and Nike are sent running. But the element of eminent danger does nothing to quell the passion and raw heat between them. She accepts he's a vampire and he just accepts that she's his.

"Smolder" is a great read and I really did enjoy it. I fully recommend it. My only critique to this was that it ended too soon. Then again, the re-read is always fun too.

Nikki Noffsinger

Book Blurb for Smolder

I never thought a gym crush could be deadly...

We all lead double lives in a way. Only the most trusted are allowed into our private space. When my reality and fantasy worlds collide one night, I end up in danger.

All I wanted was an escape from reality. Being a firefighter can be stressful and I unwind at an underground goth club. I can forget about being on call for danger, and just be Nike, a woman who likes to lose herself in music and dance. But when I spot the guy I fantasized about at the rock climbing gym, he discovers my secret.

Michel has a darker one and a connection to a world I never knew existed. My life is threatened and I have to choose whether to go with Michel. How do I find a way out of this nightmare that doesn’t end with me getting burned—or worse, sucked dry by a vampire?

Smolder is a novella that starts the Underground Encounters series, set in a club that attracts supernatural creatures. Step into Vamps and discover a thrilling new world of steamy paranormal romance featuring sexy shifters, thirsty vampires, wicked witches, and gorgeous gargoyles.

This novella was originally published as Smoldering Nights. It has been revised and expanded with new content for this release. Start the Underground Encounters series today!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 4.00