Lover In Chains

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Lover In Chains

The Darkest Kynd Book 3

Hot. Sexy. Sultry. Are three words to describe "Lover In Chains". The chemistry between Urick and Violet was WOW. Urick is a unique kind of shifter being part grizzly and gargoyle, but don't let that odd combo throw you. His hatred for vampires is what turned him to stone and with good reason. When he finds his fated mate; the one he's destined for is the very species he hates and is responsible for him turning to stone. Strap in because the story becomes a roller coaster ride.

I loved that Violet was sassy and had a sense of humor that she eventually brings out in Urick. Urick's got a good heart and deep down he has waited for that fated one; his missing half. And once he gets through his anger and hatred, he sees Violet for what she is and not just her species. That is a beautiful revelation that happens with the pages of "Lover In Chains". The story is strong and that makes it hard to put down. S. C. Dane will have one laughing, crying, and running to a cold shower. I can't wait to read the next installment.

Book Blurb for Lover In Chains

Urick is a magnificent beast—when he isn’t turning to stone. He’s not just grizzly bear and gargoyle, he’s also vampire, a part of himself he keeps locked down tighter than the nails in an undead’s coffin. Uri’s hatred for vampire’s is personal. He needs to find his Chosen One, the woman fated to be his mate, before his anger turns him to stone for good.

Too bad his Chosen One is a vampire.

Violet isn’t proud to be a vampire, but she’s trying hard to make up for it. Her hunting blade has more vampire blood lodged in its hilt than a blood bank. Uri would be next on her list if he wasn’t so quick and strong. He’s kidnapped her and stripped her…of her weapons, although Violet wouldn’t mind a little romp with her captor, gigantic flaws and all. After all, she has a flaw of her own, one she must keep hidden. Her father is the vampire who imprisoned Uri to be his blood slave.

Uri is learning to trust Violet. But when her secret brings up his past, will it destroy every chance they have at love?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50