Jax's Dilemma

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Jax's Dilemma

Insurgents MC Romance Book 2

Buckle in. Make sure you're ready for one hell of a ride because Jax's Dilemma: Insurgents MC Romance Book 2, is going to take you all the way. This book not only a hot and sexy read but it has a great story with strong characters that deliver. I literally could not stop reading.

Jax is rugged and tough as they come. He's the Solider At Arms for his MC club the Insurgents. He doesn't want commitments. He doesn't do hearts and flowers. His brothers come first in all things. At least they did until Cherri. Cherri is the one woman who finally is the one thing that Jax can't ignore or walk out on.

Cherri has no desire to be with anyone let alone Jax who is a self-proclaimed man-whore. She has more than a dozen reasons why she should stay away. Cherri has secrets; destructive and heart breaking secrets so a love affair or even a one night stand is just a bad choice. However, her body and heart tell her different. Her body betrays her every time Jax is near.

No matter how hard they push each other away, they keep coming back to each other but there is something that is going to threaten to shatter everything and a MC club doesn't take betrayal of ANY kind very well at all.

This is a must read. It's a must have series.

Book Blurb for Jax's Dilemma

Jax, Sergeant-At-Arms of the Insurgents Motorcycle Club, likes his women easy.

Raised in the outlaw biker world, Jax has bedded more women than he can count. The only things on his mind are big ass Harleys, scorching whiskey, and pretty women who can spread on command.

Then he meets Cherri—the stripper with ice blue eyes and white-blonde hair.

He wants her in his bed.

She would rather not.

Cherri has complicated stamped all over her. Jax doesn’t need a woman like her messing up his life.

Too bad he can’t stop thinking about her.

Cherri ran away from a bad situation back home. She has secrets she hasn’t shared with anyone. Stripping is her means of making enough money to start a new life, and nothing’s going to screw up her plans.

Then she meets Jax.

He’s gorgeous, sexy, and a cocky bastard. His tattooed, ripped chest and biceps make her drool. She knows she should run far away from him, but her body wants him in the worst way.

Just as she begins to relax, her past collides with her new life. Cherri must navigate a deadly obstacle course littered with outlaw motorcycle clubs and a power-hungry politician.

Jax won’t stop until he claims Cherri. He vows to protect and love Cherri no matter what. When put to the test, will Jax betray his family—the Insurgents MC—or will he lose the woman he loves forever?

The Insurgents MC series are standalone romance novels. This is Jax and Cherri’s love story. This book contains violence, strong language, sensitive issues, and steamy sexual scenes. HEA. No cliffhangers! The book is intended for readers over the age of 18.

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