Echoes of Angels

Keepers of Eternity Book 1

"Echoes of Angels" is a very slow burner but once the story really begins to take off, it is explosive, carnally sensual, and has an equal mix of thrills and some chills.

Julianne has returned to a family she never got to know after a bad childhood and nearly dying at the hands of an abusive husband and a drug addiction. She has nothing and to find out she has family who wants her is almost too good to be true. What she finds is secrets lurking in the shadows and they all surround a man named Morgan, who has been her family's benefactor for a very long time.

Morgan is brutal in just about every way. All he asks for is loyalty but his time in the human realm is coming to an end and he's grown weary of life yet when Julianne comes into his life he has to face his own demons and those demons have teeth and claws. He has to be willing to be strong enough to gamble the one thing he's not had in centuries; his heart.

This was a really good story even though it was a slow build. It is definitely worth the reader's time and patience.

Book Blurb for Echoes of Angels

If you like dark paranormal romance, you’ll love the Keepers of Eternity series by Devyn Quinn!

With her life in shambles and nowhere to turn, Julienne Blackthorne has no choice but to accept her grandmother’s offer to return to her ancestral home—a home Julienne’s mother fled in fear more than twenty years ago. What she finds there is a world so macabre it haunts her senses and fills her with dread. And the darkly compelling Morgan Saint-Evanston, whose mysterious pull haunts her in more sensual ways.

Morgan was once the most feared mercenary in a sinister realm and was destined to become the leader of his people—a duty he abandoned when his tormented soul drove him to seek exile in the mortal world. Tortured by his betrayal and the knowledge that those who dwell on the dark side will one day have their vengeance, he turns to the beautiful Julienne for one last moment of solace. Because the veils separating the worlds are about to open, and Morgan knows he must take the fight to the enemy before the forces of darkness unleash their unholy hell on mankind.

As Julienne surrenders to the undeniable passion that flares between them and Morgan prepares to confront a fate he cannot ignore, both will be plunged into a realm where human souls are open barter and even the power of love may not be enough to save them.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.00