Catching the Vixen

The Real Werewives of Alaska Book 4

Once again, Kristen Strassel does not disappoint with this newest installment of her "Real Werewives of Alaska" series. This book was hawt hawt hawt with some laughs and a full throttle on one heck of a plot line. Fiona Fox is the daughter of one of the best QB's of the Bloodhound's football team and she's set her eyes on Tyler Jones who adores the fox within her but can his Pride accept her seeing as her animal is an animal of prey instead of predator but Fiona is a predator in her own right and she's got her eyes set on Tyler.

I adored "Catching the Vixen" so much I read it twice. I loved the story and the strength of the characters' chemistry that blended well with the strong plot. This is a great read and well worth a reader's time to add this book to their reading library.

Book Blurb for Catching the Vixen

The Alaska Bloodhounds are the newest team in the Continental Football Association. These wild shifters are rough and ready for the season.

They only need one thing: women.

Do you have what it takes to be a Real Werewife?

In this episode–

Fiona Fox crashed a Real Werewife auction, but instead of getting hauled out in handcuffs, she got offered a contract to be on the show. She was in it for the adventure, not the commitment, so when her wild scheme to create a dramatic episode with Tyler Jones takes an unexpected turn, Fiona’s plans for drama and fame become more real than reality TV.

Tyler Jones is an alpha with an image problem. He’s playing backup QB to Fiona’s dad, who’s threatened to skin him alive if he lays a hand on his daughter. And worse, his Pride back home is getting impatient, waiting for him to take a lioness as his mate and rebuild their village. But Fiona Fox has captured his heart, and his Pride won’t take kindly to the red-headed vixen. If Tyler can convince Fiona he’s playing for keeps, then he’ll have to persuade his Pride to accept a creature of prey as his true mate.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50