A Wolf Apart

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A Wolf Apart

The Legend of All Wolves, #2

"A Wolf Apart: The Legend of All Wolves, #2" is not your typical romance. This book is the total package of romance, passion, some betrayal, and a strong plot that has an epic story.

Thea Villalobos is a strong female character who is tired of being what she was never meant to; what everyone has expected her to. She's independent and learning to live her life on her own terms for the first time. The last thing on the list is romance.

Elijah Sorenson is not only an alpha but he's tormented; he's dying. He's given up on finding a mate until he meets Thea. There are so many reasons she should stay away from him but Thea sees the heart of the man and the fact he can shift to that of a wolf, is just an added bonus, even if it is a little scary at first. If love was that easy, then this book would be just your average sweet, sexy, hot romance but it isn't, there are other forces out there determined to tear them apart and see Elijah die, but Thea fights for what she wants and Elijah and his wolf aren't about to let Thea go or anyone tear them apart.

Maria Vale not only has created a great story that will keep the reader's interest but her writing really is imaginative and the picture of the story is clear in the mind of the reader as each chapter is unfolded. My only critique was that I hated for it to end. I'll definitely be adding this series to my Must Read list.

Book Blurb for A Wolf Apart

"Wonderfully unique and imaginative. I was enthralled!"—JEANIENE FROST, New York Times bestselling author, for The Last Wolf

Can a human truly make room in her heart for the Wild?

Thea Villalobos has long since given up trying to be what others expect of her. So in Elijah Sorensson she can see through the man of the world to a man who is passionate to the point of heartbreak. But something inside him is dying...

Elijah Sorensson has all kinds of outward success: bespoke suits, designer New York City apartment, women clamoring for his attention. Except Elijah despises the human life he's forced to endure. He's Alpha of his generation of the Great North Pack, and the wolf inside him will no longer be restrained...

She sizes me up quickly with eyes the color of ironwood and just as unyielding.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.50