The Cost of Eternity

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The Cost of Eternity

First in the Eternity series - Paranormal M/M

When the vampire Lorcan saves Kevin from an attack, he gets more than he bargained for-a lover, and a conspiracy.

While it's a readable book, the relationship seems a little off. The sex is good (though we could use some variety with the language used,) but the onset of the love between them seems a bit sudden and illogical, and things that should have thrown tension into the relationship (like Lorcan's revelation he's a vampire) are smoothed over far too quickly. I'm not entirely sure why the love is mutual between them. Lorcan is well drawn and his motives are more understandable, but I never get a clear idea of why Kevin loves him beyond lust.

Also, the story would have been more effective if some of the scenes had been shown, not told. One example is when Kevin is being followed by Lorcan's man; we're told that Kevin loses him from two points of view, but why not show us Kevin being aware of him and actively losing the guy instead of telling us about it in a flashback? We're also told about several other things via flashbacks rather than finding out directly, which makes the characters seem passive.

Overall, it's a good and worthwhile read, and should appeal to fans of vampire and M/M paranormal romance.

Book Blurb for The Cost of Eternity

First in the Eternity series

For over two hundred years, the cost of eternity for Lorcan MacKenna has been unending loneliness. Territorial creatures of darkness, vampires can't peacefully exist near each other. Human companions age and die, leaving him to face the long nights alone. After the death of his last lover, Lorcan vows to avoid the pain of loss. Until a down-and-out actor finds himself in danger and Lorcan can't resist saving the young man.

Kevin St. James never expected to find himself offering sex for money, especially not to men. A desperate need for quick cash, a dark alley, and things go terribly wrong. His dark rescuer brings out feelings hidden so deep, Kevin never realized they were there. Reveling in newfound sensations, Kevin welcomes his new lover.

But just as Lorcan has a secret, so too does Kevin.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 2.75