Send Me an Angel

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Send Me an Angel

It's Ellie's birthday-and what could be better than finding a gorgeous, naked man on her front porch? But there's more to Peter than meets the eye, including a complete ignorance about how his body works. Ellie's more than happy to help him learn, until she finds out he's a former angelic counselor who starts trying to help her in ways she doesn't think she needs.

This story was a quick read, and I wish it could have been longer both because I was having fun and because the ending was a little abrupt. The story is funny, entertaining, and hits all the right buttons, and the characters are believable and very sexy. Skip the prologue; it's not really necessary. Otherwise, this is a sweet and wonderfully written erotic comedy.

Book Blurb for Send Me an Angel

When an angel falls to earth to find out about sex, there's a lot to learn - especially for someone who doesn't even recognize an erection when he gets one.

Ellie is more than willing to be her angel's tutor - and Peter is a very fast learner.

The lessons learnt end up being about more than sex, and it is Ellie who becomes the pupil.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00