Price of Passage

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Price of Passage

All Wrapped Up Vol. 3:

When Ivy and her lover Traborn are interrupted mid-coitus, Traborn is arrested and, Ivy is told, killed. Heartbroken and furious, Ivy turns to black market trading, assuming she'll never love someone as much as Traborn again. Plans change when she finds aboard Kade, an escaped love slave-seeking asylum from a master who'd broken his word. Despite her best efforts to resist him, she can't help but give in to his overtures. Their relationship becomes even more complicated when Ivy's ship is boarded, and the captain is determined to teach both of his new prisoners a lesson in submission.

Overall, this was a good, clean read. Kade was the most interesting character, but he didn't get as much time on the page as I would have liked. Still, I'm happy to see that Kade will be returning in a future volume entitled Price of Pleasure.

Ivy and Traborn seemed less three-dimensional because their motives were either a little unclear or unbelievable. Traborn's motives were limited to teaching Ivy a lesson, and it would have been nice to see a little more depth in him. Ivy is into BDSM, but the psychology of why she likes it isn't clear. The other endearing thing about Kade is that he's the one who visibly learns and changes-the other two characters basically stay the same despite the passage of time.

The world building is good and works great for SF. The sex scenes are creative and generally good, but the next time I see a "fluttering pussy" will be too soon.

This is a good book for those who like SF, BDSM, and some very kinky threesomes. I look forward to reading more of Kade.

Book Blurb for Price of Passage

Moments after launching her ship into hyperdrive, smuggler captain Ivy Slane discovers an escaped sex slave hiding in one of the cargo bays. Kade is in the process of convincing her not to turn him in at the nearest starport when her ship is attacked by pirates.

Seeing no alternative but death, Kade offers his services to Traborn Morel, commander of the pirate ship. Traborn isn't opposed to the pleasure Kade can bring him, but he's even more interested in teaching both his prisoners the true meaning of surrender.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.00