Masters of the Lines, #1

Genre: M/M contemporary paranormal

Vision is an up-and-coming vampire elder with a reputation for betraying his masters. His past comes back to haunt him when he's summoned to meet with one of his former masters, Gabriel, and Vision may or may not be able to keep Hanz, the driver he's come to care for, safe from those who want to use Hanz against him.

While this is enjoyably dark and violent and gritty, I had a hard time following some of the plot lines and details of the world, most likely because this is a sequel to another book, and things might have been explained there that are taken for granted here. Characters are name-dropped in the first scene with no explanation of who they are or what their relationship is to Vision. Terms, like "lines" and "elders" are introduced with no explanation, so the reader is left flailing trying to figure out their importance.

Vision, while an intriguing and masochistic character, doesn't have the depth I wanted him to, for two reasons. One, is that his conflict is never clearly delineated-I don't know what he wants, or what his goal is. He goes forward through his life, and things just happen to make him react and do something. The second reason is that he, and everyone else, is entirely emotionless, which makes them hard to sympathize with. Obviously, he likes being the submissive one in the bedroom and having his underlings be the dominants, but why? I wanted to get into his head, and I was never really able to. He does some neat and interesting things, but without the reasoning and emotion to back it up, they weren't as exciting as they should have been.

The sex scenes are enjoyable, highly detailed and imaginative, but, like the characters, are devoid of emotion, so several scenes made me wonder why we needed another one right then.

While the book is able to be read on its own, I think reading the previous book first would of great assistance.

Book Blurb for Lineage

Love didn’t just kick you when it were down; it staked you out and turned you into a vampire. Not that Vision was bitter. His ex-lover taught him nothing lasts forever, while his ex-master taught him to submit and the fine art of not resisting silk restraints. In exchange, Vision let both of them keep their heads. He considered it a fair trade-off.

Now Vision is a master, but still finds himself wanting to be on his knees.

Enter Hanz. He’s just a driver, but he knows what Vision wants and how to make it sting the way Vision likes most.

Vision won’t be fooled again. Sure, Hanz is sweet. The respect feels genuine, and, what’s worse, he honestly seems to love Vision. Older, wiser masters counsel Vision against Hanz. And, of course, they’re right. Hanz does have something to hide.And, as if on cue, along comes Vision’s ex-lover, the cause of and solution to being kicked, staked, and vamped. Vision is caught again, and this time not with ropes and silk. Now if he can only keep his neck and his heart intact…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 2.75