Fallen Angels: On Death's Wing

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Fallen Angels: On Death's Wing

Overall, this story had several intriguing ideas about the angel of death and what he's really up to. The intent and yaoi storyline are definitely there, but it reads too fast because it's short, and several things are glossed over or come quickly. I couldn't quite believe in the characters or their reasoning. I never got a really good idea of why Samael wanted Daniel, let alone fell in love with him, though it was easier to see the reverse. Daniel also didn't read like a junkie and a whore, even though that's the existence Samael rescued him from. His escape from that life and its consequences came rather easily.

Samael, though, is a sexy, mysterious character, and I'd like to know more about him. This is the first part of a series, so I'm hoping future volumes will fill in the backgrounds of the characters that this one lacked.

Book Blurb for Fallen Angels: On Death's Wing

Samael, Fallen Angel with the power of life and death discovers a young junkie being beaten in an alleyway. Ever the impulsive creature, he rescues the Daniel from his pimp. From that moment Samael's life changes. But is it for the better or worse?

Daniel, addict and whore, knows his former 'employers' will come searching for him. What he's not suspecting is how useful being befriended by the Angel of Death will be.

Can Samael forget his former lover, the Angel Raphael while in the arms of a mere mortal? And what of Daniel, can he accept Samael for what he is?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 2.75