Exit to Eden

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Exit to Eden

This is actually a reprint of a book first out in 1985, which might explain a few things. If you were hoping for the detail, intensity and multitude of sexual exploits of the Beauty books, you're going to be sorely disappointed. This was less kink and more vanilla. If, however, you're into a whirlwind romance involving people that don't have to worry about money, and want an underground world where nearly anything sexual can happen, then this book is for you.

I felt gypped, because I wanted and expected something more along the lines of the Beauty books and got a large homage to New Orleans instead. It felt like two completely different books. It started out as something fun, but by the end flipped over and turned into a more traditional but unsatisfying romance.

Elliott, I understood as a character, since his past drives him to seek out intense experiences. Lisa, I never got a good grip on because I never felt like I knew what she was like before she started having her breakdown, so I found it hard to believe in her as a dominant character, and just as hard to understand what Elliott saw in her besides her figure to pursue their relationship.

There's also a movie featuring Dan Akroyd based on the book, and it, like the book, got mixed reviews. Overall, this felt like Anne Rice getting her feet wet as a BDSM author, and then hopping out unexpectedly when the water got too cold.

Book Blurb for Exit to Eden

We all dream of the forbidden but some of us make those dreams come true . . . . With the same mystery, menace and intensity as her Vampire books, Exit to Eden explores the forbidden by taking us The Club, a vacation paradise where no aspect of sexual pleasure is taboo. Just as The Story of O shocked the Sixties by speaking about what had only been whispered, Exit to Eden gives voices to the sexual secrets of the Eighties.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.00