Calor del Amor

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Calor del Amor

Gabriel dreams of being a Yaoi writer, but when his dad beats him one too many times, he runs away in the hope of making his dream come true. Detective Cardoza is on a quest to find the infamous la Gata Negra, and jeopardizes his mission when he falls for the angel-like Gabriel, who unfortunately seems to be involved.

This definitely does have the spirit of Yaoi, but I kept getting hung up on unbelievable details, which made it hard to enjoy the story. Neither Gabriel nor Cardoza act their age; Gabriel seems like he's about ten, not eighteen, because he's extremely naive, and nobody is the least bit suspicious of him besides the cops, and everybody is willing to give him things like TV's and computers and apartments without knowing him at all. Everything is very convenient and easy for this kid, like, he'll be able to afford a $1000 a month rent on a delivery boy job. And in Cardoza's case, his actions don't fit the expertise he supposedly has, and neither do his interactions with his colleagues. Most of the police actions seem entirely unbelievable, and would have benefited from some research and discussion with actual officers.

Things that did work include the sex scenes, which are both hot and sweet, and the unique twist of having both lovers be Puerto Rican and dealing with being Hispanic in general. The little tidbits of Spanish and culture help ground the book and come from the author's background.

Overall, this book is good for Yaoi fans, and those willing to suspend a lot of disbelief to get to the moments of good writing and cultural insight that make this book work.

Book Blurb for Calor del Amor

Gabriel Palacios flees his abusive father’s clutches, even though he’s been warned that the mad cop will stop at nothing to control him. He lands in New York City after enduring a trip with a demented admirer, only to find that he immediately comes under suspicion for a horrible crime. Detective Alejandro Cardoza investigates this crime, but finds himself caught in a web of deceit and desire that threatens to ruin his career. He is determined to nab Gabriel, the prime suspect, but he finds his own heart under siege by love for this mysterious and tragic young man.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.00