Bound in Moonlight

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Bound in Moonlight

Bound in Moonlight is a collection of three short stories, all set in the Grotte Cach‚e, or the Hidden Grotto, a haven where any sexual fantasy can happen. This is the second in a series, but there's no need to read the first before this one can be enjoyed-and enjoy it you will.

The first story features Emily, and is a sparkling, witty tale of her erotic adventures in the Grotte Cach‚e via letters she's writing to her would-be fianc‚. It's also the story of what led her to write one of the most infamous turn-of-the-century books.

The second story with Caroline is an entertaining romp through the underground of Victorian society, where a down-on-her-luck young woman signs herself into a week of sexual slavery in hopes of earning enough money to buy a cottage and open a school. She finds the degradation she was expecting . . . and a few things she wasn't. This lacks a little of the brilliance of the other two, only because the first-person POV in the others allows the true character of the heroines shine through. Otherwise, though, it's full of steamy scenes and sexy characters.

The third is more to relate the history of the Grotte Cach‚e, but the heroine, Isabel, also has a tough choice to make when it comes to her family's legacy at the place and the intense attraction she's had toward Adrien since she was a teen. This one, too, has a wonderful character voice and a fun heroine.

Altogether, this is a fun and sensuous collection of stories, and it's neat to see the little threads that run through them all but aren't obvious until you get to the end. If you get confused, read the last story, which explains everything, or check out the author website, which has a lot of background for the books. These are largely historical-the author has a passion for the Victorian era-but there's a lovely dose of the paranormal, too. A very enjoyable book, and I'll be impatiently waiting to see another in the series.

Book Blurb for Bound in Moonlight

In this provocative follow-up to her sensational debut, House of Dark Delights, Louisa Burton issues another invitation to the notorious Castle of the Hidden Grotto—a place of entrancement, temptation, and searing eroticism. For centuries the Castle of the Hidden Grotto, tucked into the French countryside, has provided its guests with a captivating haven where no fantasy is taboo and any erotic dream can be indulged. Seduced into this world by the chateau’s beautiful immortal residents, the latest crop of visitors cast off their inhibitions and surrender to their deepest longings…. A sheltered heiress is appalled by the licentiousness she encounters at Chateau de la Grotte Cachée, until a beguiling stranger frees her from her gilded cage by tutoring her in the arts of love.... A rector’s daughter, in despair over being ruined and impoverished, allows herself to be sold at a slave auction for one week of sexual servitude to an aristocratic master with unorthodox tastes.... A woman with ancient ties to the castle is forced to confront her destiny—and a passion as consuming as it is forbidden.… Irresistible and deliciously dangerous, Bound in Moonlight propels you into a world of intoxicating sensuality you’ll want to return to again and again.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.50