Divine by Mistake

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Divine by Mistake

Shannon Walker is an English school teacher but not for long...

Shannon's world is turned upside down when she is transported to another world , the world of her mirrored self. Now called Lady Rhiannon she is replacing the chosen one of Goddess Epona. Many Challenges lie ahead. Shannon/Rhiannon now faces marriage to a Centaur and convincing her followers that she is Lady Rhiannon.

I LOVED this book! No question about it.

It’s a very original story that has gripped me throughout. It has everything I wanted and more including mythical creatures, a love story, friendship and the threat of impending war.

There are so many characters to fall in love with, even characters that aren't essential to the story.

An amazing book from start to finish and I cannot wait to get round the next installment Divine by Choice.

I recommend this book to everyone, though be warned it may keep you up reading all night!

Book Blurb for Divine by Mistake

The only excitement Shannon Parker expects while on summer vacation is a little shopping. But when an antique vase calls to her, she finds herself transported to Partholon, where she’s treated like a goddess. A very temperamental goddess…

Somehow Shannon has stepped into another’s role as the Goddess Incarnate of Epona. And while there’s an upside – what woman doesn’t like lots of pampering? – it also comes with a ritual marriage to a centaur and threats against her new people. Oh, and everyone disliking her because they think she’s her double.

Somehow Shannon needs to figure out how to get back to Oklahoma without being killed, married to a horse or losing her mind…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00