The London Affair

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The London Affair

Beautifully written, The London Affair by Susan Lute is an emotional book to read. The words don’t gently take you by the hand and lead you down a floral path. From the first page, Stella Carmichael’s incredible sense of loss, betrayal and anger grip you and tug you into her world where she rages against her husband’s abandonment through a series of letters.

She and her granddaughter, Mia, a troubled teen, are shipped off to London where Stella would prefer to pull the covers over her head and vegetate. Mia is having none of that. The story is an emotional journey of two women, one seventeen and the other in her fifties, learning what it is they want from life and refusing to accept the fear that comes with change. While there is a budding romance in the story, the book falls into the category of woman’s fiction.

If you have a friend who has suffered a loss, the book is a road map of the stages of grief. But it is also the story of the inner workings of a complicated family and the hope of new beginnings.

Read this book with a box of tissues.

Book Blurb for The London Affair

Stella Carmichael can't believe her life with her husband, though not always perfect, is over. All she wants is to shut herself away in their too empty house, and turn her back on the world she's quite certain will go on happily without her.

Thanks to her interfering daughters, she's exiled to London. Instead of licking her wounds in solitude, Stella's babysitting a rebellious teenager, and having to make sense of her life thousands of miles from home. Repairing her family's fragile relationships is not an easy task. While getting to know her sullen granddaughter, meeting new friends, and embarking on an unexpected flirtation, she discovers family is a gift; and living, something to be treasured.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00