Fair Game

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Fair Game

Wish Come True, #2

Jared likes Leah but she’s off limits for two reasons: she’s his sister’s best friend, and she refuses to date men in the medical field. But after one night of dirty dancing, Jared knows those roadblocks won’t be there for long. Leah’s his. Now he just has to prove it.

I’d like to say this story is only about Jared and Leah coming to terms with their long-buried feelings for each other, that’s not true. The bulk of this story is about that but there’s a huge chunk of it that focuses on Leah’s daddy issue.

To Leah, her dad’s career always came before her. He didn’t spend time with her; he sent gifts. He didn’t talk to her; he sent text messages. All of that amounted to him choosing his career over her which, in turn, created her wariness of men in the medical field. His actions always contradicted every “I love you” he ever spoke to her.

Jared didn’t see it that way. Maybe it’s why they were meant to be together, lol. He saw Leah’s relationship with her dad differently. One of his mid-book conversations with Leah is about her father and how much he talks about her. Leah’s surprise is genuine but her inability to even try to see Jared’s point is frustrating. Leah wants time as proof of her father’s love; Jared wants her to see that love can be shown in different ways.

I really loved the reference to The Five Love Languages. I have read it and can say its usage in this story was perfect. It really drove Jared’s point home and helped mend Leah’s relationship with her dad. Personally, I needed her to resolve that part of her life before she could move on with Jared. If she didn’t, there would always be a wall between them that would shield a small part of her heart she wasn’t willing to give him for fear he might abandon her.

I enjoyed this sweet and thoughtful romance. The dual first person POVs were enlightening, and showed how much they cared for one another. Especially Jared. His love and care and concern for Leah was genuine, was what she needed, and was the catalyst in bringing that part of her life to a happy ending. Their own happy ending was made even more beautiful because of that.

Book Blurb for Fair Game

Leah Anderson has one dating rule…absolutely no men in the medical field! She learned a long time ago from her biological father that men in the medical field care about one thing–themselves. Leah reluctantly agrees to spend one evening dirty dancing with her best friend’s brother, Jared, despite the fact that he is a medical student and real jerk to boot. Anything to help out her best friend!

Jared Billette has secretly crushed on Leah for years and acts like a real jerk to her to keep his attraction in check. Some things in life are simply taboo, and dating your sibling’s best friend is one of them. That is until his sister Jordan breaks all the rules by dating Jared’s best friend JT. Now pursuing Leah is suddenly fair game. If only he can help Leah see that her own stupid rules are meant to be broken.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00