What's Yours Is Mine

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What's Yours Is Mine

A Novel About Sisters Who Share Just a Little Too Much

This book was really different compared to most books I've read. It was a nice change. If you want a book that will hook you in and leave you wanting more at the end of every page, then check this book out. That's what it did for me.

"What's yours is Mine" is about two sisters. You have one that cannot have kids the other who lost her kids due to her lifestyle. Susannah decides to carry a baby for her sister. The sisters go through some challenges that will keep you wanting to know how the story will end. I recommend this to anyone who likes to curl up with a good book and read from start to finish.

Book Blurb for What's Yours Is Mine

Grace and Susannah have grown up to be as opposite as sisters can be. Grace is smart, successful, and happily married—but the one thing missing from her seemingly perfect life is the baby she’s unable to conceive. Beautiful Susannah is like a car crash in motion: Always in trouble, she’s been estranged from the family since abandoning her two sons from a disastrous early marriage. When their mother falls suddenly and seriously ill, Grace reluctantly calls Susannah back home. As the two sisters try to repair their relationship, Grace realizes that Susannah might be the answer to her prayers: Her sister is willing to be her surrogate, to give birth to Grace’s longed-for baby. But when Susannah makes a reckless choice that threatens her life and the baby’s, how far will Grace go to save her sister if it means losing the one thing she wants most?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00