What My Best Friend Did

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What My Best Friend Did

A Novel

What My Best Friend Did opens on a suspenseful scene with Alice calling an ambulance for Gretchen, who has apparently tried to commit suicide by drinking and taking pills. But the reader is clearly not getting all the information. After a couple of chapters that build the suspense of what really happened and whether the truth will come out, the action jumps back to when the main characters met. Chapters describing how the relationships among the various characters developed are inter-cut with continuing scenes from the hospital where Alice watches tensely to see whether Gretchen will wake up and tell everyone the truth. In the flashbacks, hints of the ultimate reveal are placed at exactly the right moments to ratchet up the tension, and the reveal itself is perfect. This is a short book at just under 300 pages but it is a packed full of twists, turns and a really good story. I didn’t want to put it down. I was desperate to find out what was going to happen next. The ending leaves you wondering about things, but maybe not knowing is better in a story like this. I loved the way this author told her story; I really hope there is a second book to this, if not that's OK. I rated this book a 4 out of 5 not a bad read at all I love books that keep me on the edge the whole read.

Book Blurb for What My Best Friend Did

From Lucy Dawson, author of His Other Lover, comes a smart and chilling look at the shadowy side of friendship.

For Alice, life's a bit too boringly grown-up lately—weekends at weddings and baby showers; celebrating friends' transitions to a life she isn't quite up for yet; and a sweet, stable boyfriend she suspects she's outgrown. So when she meets Gretchen for the first time, it feels a bit like falling in love. Gretchen, with her air of impulsiveness and intuitive style, is that rarest of treasures: a true friend who knows how to have fun. Plus there's Gretchen's gorgeous brother, Bailey, who might turn out to be exactly what Alice needs. Before she knows what's hit her, Alice's brilliant new best friend is turning her world upside down—seemingly for the better.

But Gretchen has a dark secret, which, like a time bomb, won't stay hidden forever. The explosion may teach them both more than they ever wanted to know about how female friendships can go frighteningly wrong.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00