An Eternal Pleasure Novel, #3

In the 3rd installment of Cathryn Fox's Eternal Pleasures series, we are treated to the story behind the powerful and untrained witch, Lily. This is a sensual paranormal that is light and enjoyable read. Lily is a witch whose entire clan/village was massacred by a jealous family named the Darklands out of spite and jealously. Many years later, Lily has suppressed her wild magic and never learned how to use it. Now she lives in a protected paranormal community. But when 2 very attractive men stop near her community, her magic breaks free and they become aware of her and her new village. These 2 men are Darklands and are cousins named Jaret and Toby. (They are part of the PTF or Paranormal Task Force - humans bent on obliterating paranormals for human safely even they both have empathetic abilities themselves.) When they encounter Lily’s magic, they are enthralled and determined to hunt her down. But their presence has threatened the peace and safely of the paranormal community (made up of: shifters, vampires, witches etc.) where Lily lives. This village just wants to be left alone from the encroaching and often violent humans. And although Lily knows she shouldn't trust them, she does and they all become lovers. But someone whom Lily trusts wants her untapped power and will do anything to get it.

This is a light, easy read that is super-HOT. I really liked the community the author created with all the various paranormals which I feel can really be explored further. The 2 heroes are very alpha and sexy as they desire Lily but are not sure of her powers. I liked reading about Lily’s tragic past and wish she had been a more developed character. It has been many years since the destruction of her family, and yet she still seems a bit stuck in a limbo until the cousins came. I also couldn’t believe she was that sexually inexperienced. I wished she had tried to develop her powers at least a little and done something more interesting in her life except seeming to just be waiting for Jaret and Toby to come. The heroine is believable but for her age, I thought she would be a bit more mature, less naïve and more proactive. The scenes between and the 2 men are very steamy and fans will definitely enjoy them. This is a good book to relax and enjoy.

Book Blurb for Indulgent

The sizzling author of Impulsive takes paranormal erotica one step further.

Lily has always kept her magick hidden, even in a town like Serene, surrounded by others just like her. She fears exposing even a thread of her power, still haunted as she is by what she witnessed a century ago--the annihilation of her lineage, hunted, and burned at the stake. Hidden away in secret, she was the sole survivor.

When Lily is followed by strangers Jaret and Toby Darkland, she recognizes them as empaths--empowered with the ability to read minds. Only when she slips into their thoughts with her own powers does Lily realize they're the ones responsible for the destruction of her bloodline. But what do they want with her? And why are her dangerous desires toward the handsome cousins growing more uncontrollable with each dark day?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00