Games People Play

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Games People Play

Games People Play is challenging book. Some of the characters were nuanced, but artificially, so was the Madame of the male prostitute business. The hero's martyr-based motivations to be a prostitute weren't really that well developed. He was an architect and his sister was a paraplegic. He really needed to quit his job and have sex for money to provide for her?

I wasn't sold on him as a good match for the heroine. I think it had some challenging concepts and I wished I liked it more, but I felt largely unsatisfied at the end. I didn't think that the hero had really worked through all his issues. He was still pretty messed up, if you ask me. This was an ok read to me, but that's my opinion.

Book Blurb for Games People Play

What she’s wanted?

Sydney Warren is a successful painter of erotic landscapes?just the artful fantasies of a woman whose own life has been stripped of passion. Though she has stayed loyal to her boyfriend, Max, he’s unable to ignite the sparks they once shared, leaving Sydney wanting. Then comes the stranger, a work of art himself, and everything changes.

is what she’s getting?

With chestnut hair, mesmerizing green eyes, and the perfect body, Colm Hennessy is every woman’s fantasy. He too is aroused, and more intrigued by the beautiful artist than he expected to be?because it wasn’t supposed to happen this way. For there’s something about Colm that Sydney doesn’t know... 

in the ultimate game of control.

Colm is only pretending to be a model. He’s been hired by Max to seduce her?a twisted scheme to test her fidelity. But Max never imagined that Colm would feel something real. As Sydney and Colm’s intimacy grows, as passions neither expected are unleashed, the stakes in a cruel game are raised?and desire isn’t the only thing set to spiral out of control.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.50