The Power of Two

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The Power of Two

Cai is the "anchor," the techie half of a Quandem: a pair of elite operatives intended for convert action. Neural implants allow her to sit back in a control chair and feed information to her partner, the dark-souled Jacob Tucker. He's as rigid as he is deadly... or handsome. But this time it can't be business as usual. This time, Cai needs Jake to trust her completely. Whether he likes it or not, she can'[t sit back while he fight s the bad guys. Wherever this mission takes her, Cai is going to the one kicking a little tail.

This is a wonderful book. Patti describes her world wonderfully. Not what I normally read, but definatly worth the effort.

Book Blurb for The Power of Two

As an elite operative, Cai Randolph has the task of finding an enigmatic figure named Banzai Maguire, but she can't plan for the unexpected . . . or for love.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2005 3.50