Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal

Book 4 in the Hot and Henderson series

On the day of her divorce, Professor Shelly Latimer celebrates not just with a glass of wine, but with the beefcake next door. Ten years her junior, Luke Henderson teaches her the lessons of dirty-talk and honest kink. He does things to her that her ex-husband never did.
Despite steamy nights and mornings, Shelly’s insecurities about her looks and age mirror those of every woman. She’s easy to relate to and root for because of these vulnerabilities.
Luke’s reassurances make him all the more desirable. But can he convince her that he wants more than just a secret tryst? Her insecurities aren’t the only obstacles. 
Luke’s history of sex for sport with scores of women isn’t easy to overlook. Add her meddling ex-husband and a ten-year age difference to the challenge and you have Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal.
Written from an omniscient viewpoint, the story sneaks us peeks into both Shelly’s and Luke’s minds. M.A. Ellis does a fantastic job with the dialogue and thoughts of an alpha male. Luke’s voice is incredibly distinct from Shelly’s, even though Shelly is also a strong and independent character.
I can’t wait for the next M.A. Ellis erotica.

Book Blurb for Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal

Prof. Shelly Latimer is spending the final moments of her day overlooking the river, a glass of good red wine in one hand and the coffin-shaped box containing her wedding rings in the other. She's not looking for Divorce Day companionship but it finds her…in the hot, hard-bodied form of her neighbor, Luke Henderson.

Shelly's logical mind balks at Luke's sudden interest, though he strives to convince her he's genuine in ways she's never experienced.

Luke realizes straight off that he'll have his hands full with more than Shelly's womanly curves. There's his playboy reputation to dispel, her apprehension about age differences to ease, and the daunting task of convincing her that the passion they share is much more than just a fling.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00